Episode 1

Published on:

10th Feb 2022

Fear vs Growth: Let the battle begin

Fear vs Growth: Let the battle begin. This episode discusses the power of fear and the impact it can have on our progression. When we look to grow in any area of our lives, fear tends to show up and use its most powerful efforts to stop us. We have two decisions when we come in contact with fear, stay or grow. Growth is typically the default answer when those two options are presented. However, what we find is that typically we don't have the appetite to do the work we need to do to overcome the fear that's standing in the way. We want the end result without going through the journey and there are no shortcuts. In this episode we take a glimpse into the personal battle of choosing growth over fear.

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The Fields Effect
Join Kimberly Fields as she talks all things personal growth - in an open, creative and thought-provoking way. Exploring different perspectives that push us to dig a little deeper so we can move towards getting the outcomes that we're looking for. Because it's all about who we are now and ultimately who we want to become.

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Kimberly Fields

From a young age Kimberly assumed a leadership role within her family and quickly understood her deep passion for their development and mental well being. That passion has since extended to her personal and professional networks and has migrated into problem solving, conflict resolution and strategic management of relationships of all types. She believes that the confidence to achieve your goals comes from understanding yourself, your strengths and your motivators. Kimberly has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Administration, a Master's Degree in Business Administration and a professional career that spans over 20+ years in sales, legal and business operations.